Adding a Formula to Compute Headcount

One of the most common activities performed in charting is conducting a headcount to ascertain how many people are included in an entire organization, a division, a department, or other type of organizational category. In this exercise, you are going to add a formula that provides a headcount.

To add a formula to your chart:

1   In the Basic Chart, choose Define Fields from the Format menu.


2   Click the Add fx button. This opens the Add a Formula Field dialog box, which lets you name the formula field.

3   Enter the Field Name Headcount, and click OK.

4   In the Define Formula dialog box, leave the Function as Count, the Range as Branch And Mgr., and click OK.

OrgPlus OnDemand lets you define both simple and complex formulas using functions, ranges, criteria, and other options. You can learn more about each of these features in the Help system.

The Define Fields dialog box now displays Headcount in the list of fields that are available to display in the chart. Click OK.

To display the Headcount field in boxes:

1   Choose Format > Box Properties.

2   In the Box Properties dialog box, select Headcount under Available Fields, and click the Add button. Headcount is added to the list under Display Fields.

3  Click the Presentation tab in the Box Properties dialog box.

4   In the box diagram, click on the number to select it.

5   Select the option Show Label. The sample diagram shows how the formula field – Headcount – will appear in the chart.

6   Under Apply To, select the Entire Chart option, and click OK. The Headcount formula field now appears in each box in the chart.