Applying Conditional Formatting to Headcount

In this next exercise, you are going to apply conditional formatting to the Headcount field, for all boxes that contain a headcount equal to or exceeding 3 people.

To apply conditioning formatting to the Headcount field:

1   In the Basic Chart, choose Format > Conditional Formatting. This opens the Conditional Formats dialog box.


2   Click the Add button.

3   In the Add Conditional Format dialog box, enter Headcount Above 3 as the Conditional Format Name.

4   Select Headcount as the Field name, greater than as the Comparison, and 3 as the Contents.

5   Click OK.

6.      In the Conditional Formats dialog box, click the box icon in the Format column to open the Box Properties dialog box.

7.      In the Box Properties dialog box, click on Presentation tab, and select the box with the green border (Stand Out1) from the Box Style drop-down list. This will create the conditional format of a green border for all boxes that have a headcount equal to or greater than 3.

8.      Click OK in the Box Properties and Conditional Formats dialog boxes to close them.
The resulting chart now looks like the following: