Quick Chart creator
quick chart panel
    adding fields using
    applying templates using
    box layout using
    changing branch styles using
    editing boxes using
    formatting boxes using
    moving boxes using

refreshing chart data
   Refreshing Charts
   Refreshing your Chart Data
   Changing Refresh Properties
    archiving chart when refreshing
    scheduling automatic refresh
registering OrgPlus
    by email
    by fax
    by phone
    frequently asked questions
    if purchased from HumanConcepts
    if purchased from other vendors
reordering chart rules
    formatting report elements
       Managing Reports
       Managing Reports
    selecting fields
       Working with Reports
       Managing Reports
       Working with Reports
       Displaying Reports
    exporting to Excel
    working with
Reports panel
   Using the Reports Panel
   Reports Panel
repositioning boxes within the same level
resizing boxes
right-click menus
    direct access to

saving chart after importing
saving your project
   Saving your Work
   Saving and Closing Projects
scenario analysis
    checking tasks
    deleting tasks
    editing tasks
    using to automate tasks
searching charts
secondary mouse button
    connecting lines
       Selecting Boxes
       Selecting Connecting Lines
    objects - all of the same type
    OrgPlus Plugin options
selecting objects
Sequence field
shapes (rectangles octagons)
       Showing Boxes and Lines
       Showing Hidden Objects
       Showing Boxes and Lines
       Showing Hidden Objects
    page lines
    report data
    using the Ctrl key
sorting boxes
spacing between boxes
spell checking
SQL Server Data Connection file
   Using the Data Connection Wizard
   Using the Data Connection Wizard
staggering boxes on the same level
Standard toolbar
starting OrgPlus
status bar
   Status Bar
   Status Bar
    applying chart
    changing chart
   Tutorial 4: Working with Sub-Charts
   Working with Sub-charts
    creating with Sub-chart wizard
       Creating Sub-charts
       Creating Sub-charts Using the Sub-chart Wizard
    inserting breaks manually
       Inserting or Removing Sub-chart Breaks
       Inserting Sub-chart Breaks
    labeling breaks
       Navigating within Sub-charts
       Navigating Sub-charts
    removing breaks
       Inserting or Removing Sub-chart Breaks
       Removing Sub-chart Breaks
Sub-charts panel
   Using the Sub-chart Panel
   Sub-charts Panel
   Search Panel
   Quick Chart Panel
    showing or hiding
Summary panel
system requirements
    for Data Connection file

Tagged Image File format (TIFF)
    no charge phone support
Template files
    and multi-record boxes
    applying to a chart
    applying using the quick chart panel
    based on existing charts
    creating and modifying
    learning about
Templates panel
   Using the Templates Panel
   Templates Panel
    Autotext elements
    data source requirements in importing
       Source Data Requirements
       Source Data Requirements
    data source selection in importing
    editing using keyboard shortcuts
    free floating
Text toolbar
   Using the Thumbnail Window
titles in charts
    free form
    Full Screen
       Source Data Requirements
       Source Data Requirements
       Source Data Requirements
    file formats used by OrgPlus
    projects and charts
Tools menu
topmost box
Tree Panel using
    disk space
    page setup
    using OrgPlus with other applications
    working with
       Working with Trees
       Working with Comments