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Employee Photos

Employee Photos: OrgPlus Tips and Tricks

  1. Start with strong images.
    • Well-lit headshots with simple backgrounds work best.
  2. Use photo editing software to edit and format images.
    • Aim for a consistent look by adjusting photo properties like contrast, color, and saturation.
    • Size the photos consistently: this will make it much easier to display your photos in chart boxes.
  3. Save photos using a single file type.
    • OrgPlus accepts these photo file types: .bmp, .dib, .gif, .emf, .jpg, .jpeg, .pcx, .png, .ico, .tga, .wmf, .tif, and .tiff
  4. Name the files using a single naming convention.
    • OrgPlus accepts these photo file name formats: Last; First; FLast; FirstL; and FirstLast.

Once you have prepared your images, use the OrgPlus Photo Manager to import the photo files and associate them with your chart records. You can choose to add the photo field automatically to all chart boxes.

To create a polished box layout, apply the Photo Left view to your chart boxes.

  • Open the View menu and double-click Photo Left

By planning ahead and preparing your employee photos before importing them into OrgPlus, you will achieve the strongest, most impactful images.  Photos personalize your charts like no other data, and thoughtfully edited and formatted images will make your charts look good as well as inform your audience.

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