Best Practices for Using Hyperlinks

In this example, you’ll learn to add a hyperlink to a company logo that directs chart viewers to your company homepage.

Step 1: Insert your company logo on the chart master page.

– Select Master Page from the View menu.

– Select Picture from the Insert menu.

– Browse to your company logo image file and click Open.

– Drag and drop the image in the desired location on the master page.

– Resize the image, if needed, using the image corner points.

Image on the Chart

Step 2: Insert a hyperlink.

– Right-click the image. Select Hyperlink, then Edit Hyperlink.

– In the message box that opens, type a name for your hyperlink.  Note that this name will be visible in the hyperlink display.

– Type in the address of your company homepage and click OK.

Hyperlink Properties Dialog

– Return to normal view by selecting Normal from the View menu.

– The hyperlink displays as a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the company logo.

– The hyperlink is activated by pressing Ctrl + click.

Inserted hyperlink

Hyperlinks add value to your charts as convenient shortcuts to company resources.