Get to Know OrgPlus Premium

Get to Know OrgPlus Premium

Here are the features that make OrgPlus Premium an excellent tool for taking your charts to the next level.

Pre-defined, automatically updated reports for quick decisions

  • Premium includes over a dozen pre-defined reports that can be immediately generated using your data

  • Simply map your fields to OrgPlus fields during data import to use pre-defined reports

  • Pre-defined reports can be copied and the copies can then be edited to create custom reports


Track changes panel providing a full audit trail of changes



  • As you model your chart- adding, deleting, and moving boxes and modifying field values- the Track Changes panel automatically lists these changes

  • Changes can be accepted or rejected with the click of buttons at the top of the panel


Change Summary reports listing details of all chart changes

  • Share a concise summary of all proposed chart changes by generating a Change Summary report

  • Group the changes by employee or by change type and choose which fields to include in the report


Personnel Action Notice (PAN) Report makes change approval more efficient

  • Choose which records to include in the report

  • Choose which types of transactions to report on

  • Print or email PAN reports

OrgPlus Premium includes all of the features of OrgPlus Professional plus reports that allow you to analyze your chart data at a deeper level. The Excel Reports are easily shared via printing or emailing, and will help you to quickly and easily communicate with your team and stakeholders.

Binoniemi, April 2015