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Using hotspots to display field-relevant details

In this example, you’ll learn to create a hotspot with employee contact details.

Step 1: Create a profile.  The profile will determine the hotspot contents.

– Click the Profile tool on the View menu.

Profile Tool

– This opens the Profile panel.

– Click the link in the middle of the panel to create a new profile.

Create New Profile Link

– Name the profile and select the fields you’d like to include. Available fields appear on the left.  Select a field and click the Add button to add it to the profile.

*Note: All fields are included by default. Use the remove button to remove fields.

Name the profile

– Use the Format button and Fill Color option to highlight a field.

– Click OK.

– The Profile is now created.

Created Profile

Step 2: Now it’s time to turn your profile into a hotspot.  First, select a field in your box layout that you’d like to activate the hotspot. When a viewer’s cursor is on this field, the hotspot will display.

– Right-click a box and select Box Properties; click the Box Layout tab.

Box Layout Tab

– Select a field in the box layout and click the Hotspots button. In this example the Full Name field will activate the hotspot.

Selected Field

– Check the Make Hotspot box and select the Profile.

Make Hotspot box

– Click OK.

– Select ‘Apply to Entire Chart’ to enable the hotspot feature for all boxes; click OK.

Enable Hotbox Feature

– The hotspot is now visible when the cursor hovers over the name field.

Visible Hotbox

– Publish your chart to HTML or to the OrgPlus Plugin to make hotspots visible when sharing your charts with others.

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